悪魔のしるし Akumanoshirushi

    危口統之      Noriyuki Kiguchi

    石川卓磨    Takuma Ishikawa

    宮村ヤスヲ    Yasuwo Miyamura

    神尾歩             Ayumu Kamio

    山室毅聡  Takaaki Yamamuro

    田辺夕子             Yuko Tanabe

    金森香              Kao Kanamori

    岡村滝尾          Takio Okamura

Noriyuki Kiguchi leader/director
Noriyuki Kiguchi Born 1975 in Kurashiki City, Okayama Pref., Japan. As the son of a painter, Kiguchi appreciated Art since his early childhood. (But, these artistic vibe was lost by indulging to comic and heavy metal music in his highschool days.) While studying architecture at Yokohama National University, Kiguchi began his staging career in the campus theater group. Subsequent to his graduation, he started working at a construction site specializing in heavy lifting. After directing a theatrical production "Akumanoshirushi" at Little More Gallery in 2005 and other series of intermittent events, Kiguchi formed the group "Akumanoshirushi" in 2008. Since then, he has continued to produce performance pieces in various styles, including theater work. Although Kiguchi’s theater works are based on the classical plays, they tend to address contemporary social issues and incorporate his own personal situation, as well as highlighting the characteristics of the venue itself. The subject matter for his performative works, on the other hand, is to make festive site that embodies the entire space, which is achieved by diminishing the boundaries between the audience and performers. In 2011, he was selected to participate in "Local Creator in Residence Program" at Tokyo Wonder Site, where he stayed as a resident artist. In 2012, he was selected as the junior fellow artist by Saison foundation.

1999 Bachelor of Architecture, Yokohama National University


2010 Festival/Tokyo Emerging Artists Program
2011 Tokyo Wonder Site Local Creator Residence Program
2012 The Saison Foundation Junior Fellowship
2014 The Saison Foundation Senior Fellowship

危口統之/木口統之 主宰・演出家

大学入学後演劇サークルに所属し舞台芸術に初めて触れるも卒業後ほどなくして活動停止、 建設作業員として働き始める。周囲の助けもあって2005年あたりから断続的に活動再開。 2008年、演劇などを企画上演する集まり「悪魔のしるし」を組織し現在に至る。 2010年、フェスティバル/トーキョー公募プログラム参加、2011年、トーキョーワンダーサイト国内交流プログラム参加、 2012-2013年度、セゾン文化財団ジュニアフェロー、2014年度より同財団シニアフェロー。 ほんとうは危じゃなくて木。

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